Cast away in the remote regions of Far North Queensland, Haggerstone Island turns the notion of fictional paradise into reality.  600kms north of Cairns, adjacent to the virtually uninhabited coast, near the tip of Cape York, the island lies in a region where man barely exists.

Roy and Anna Turner have put twenty years of their lives into extending the beauty of the island with everything they have created. Their hand crafted free form buildings of varying style are placed gently in the island jungle, giving the feeling they have been there forever. The main building captures the imagination; heavy beams, high thatched roof, light flickering from the cooking fire. At the ocean, a thatched jetty hovers over a lagoon that vibrates with fish life. 

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While the small island is undeniably lovely, the Turners back yard makes the resort unique; the lagoons, reefs and open ocean of the Northern Great Barrier Reef spread for hundreds of virtually untouched kilometres at one of the outer edges of the continent. It is this region that the Turners can access and explore with ease.

The Turners now have a family; Sam 18years and Tasha 15years and it naturally follows that the island and its staff are family friendly. Children warm to the escape from deadlines, uniforms, television and parental boundaries. They can live out the fantasy of Swiss Family Robinson.

Visitors to the island come from all points of the globe. They come to experience adventure, seclusion and the unique island holiday that is Haggerstone.

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